We do HR and Talent Management all day, every day (maybe not Sunday's!) We have seen it all but even we get surprised,  so do yourself a favour, don't waste your life making it up!  Use what we've learned, make your life simple, go home early and have a glass of wine instead. 

Or you could carry on being a hero! Wine is better though!

The 15 minute fix to attract the best talent

   If your application experience is broken or badly built you may only be ‘selecting in’ average talent and may NEVER know what great applicants are getting turned off.

CV Sifting - at speed

Use these 5 practical steps to speed up the job of sifting CV’s and improve making decisions on who you should interview 

Debby Clement

Debby Clement

Is your consensus hiring a dog's dinner?

Does sharing the interview load make for better qualification of candidates, or is it the perfect storm for opinion-based bias, indecision, and an elongated process that loses great talent?

Debby Clement

It's time to rehumanise interviewing

Do you find interviewing leaves you feeling unsatisfied? or worse, feeling you or your candidate have simply wasted time?  Here’s how to change everything forever! 

Debby Clement

5 keys to unlock an awesome hiring system

How can you de-risk every new hire, reduce the time to hire, identify what’s not working and improve on the things that are working well.

Debby Clement

Making GDPR actually work for you!

By making your hiring process fully GDPR compliant you will almost definitely save money, hire better people and do it with less pain and effort than you ever did before!

Phillip Clement

Is your recruitment technology dehumanising your brand?

Your applicants research, read, absorb and revere your values. If your application responses don't reflect your company values, it can undermine your brand. 

Phillip Clement


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