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Making GDPR work for you


GDPR and recruitment are both truly boring and contentious subjects! But sadly, both are unavoidable if you run a business, more sadly, GDPR has a big impact on how you manage your recruitment process and even more sad is that you need to do something about it.

A headache?  Yes, but once you get into it, it’s actually not that bad, and there is actually light at the end of the tunnel too, by going through the process of making your hiring process fully GDPR compliant you will almost definitely save money, hire better people and do it with less pain and effort than you ever did before!

So, look at it as a good excuse to improve a majorly important part of running and growing the business.

Here are the top three things to do to get you on your way

  1. Go to the ICO website and spend some time reading the documents and help files they have put together. It’s all there and really very good indeed.

  2. Split out your recruiting process into the different functions e.g. job board posting and applications, or receiving CV’s from recruiters, or reaching out to potential candidates on LinkedIn – then work through each process applying the main GDPR elements and document it… you’re already part of the way there.

  3. Think about where you hold information on candidates… on emails? On spreadsheets? This is true for most businesses and in reality you are going to be hard pressed to clean up this process enough to be GDPR compliant, so you are going to need to get yourself a recruitment CRM, sometimes called an ATS. ​(Applicant Tracking System)

There’s a bunch of cool software out there designed to take all the pain out of recruitment! And like Google docs or Dropbox or Hootsuite, once you switch it on you will wonder how you ever lived without it. So, you can have a process, you can manage recruitment all in one place and get GDPR compliant. Now the real fun begins!

Manage agencies and their fees by how well they perform, save time and money in interviewing, find hidden talent in your shiny new database that come with no agency fees and run a hiring process like a team sport across your organisation that’s so slick your brand outshines the competition and wins the best people!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg… You might even come to love GDPR and recruiting… well maybe not both!

About Peopley
Peopley provide flexible Human Resources and Talent Management support for SMEs delivering people-centric services

Peopley has recently been shortlisted for Best Candidate Experience & Best Supplier Partnership against stiff competition from some of the UK’s biggest employers in the 2020 FIRM Awards (Forum for In-House Recruitment Managers).

About the Author

Phillip has a commercial sales and product engineering background spanning mobile software, marketing automation, loyalty and customer experience. A self-professed customer experience nut you will often find Phillip redesigning anything with a UI including lifts and parking meters.  As cofounder of Peopley, he runs commercial service design, client operations and technology integration.

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