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About us...

We are a modern consultancy serving the needs of SMEs where technical or creative employees are central to the business ... and its success.

We provide our services on a fractional basis, tuned to your needs - any time, sometime or all the time.   


Our focus is delivering you stronger growth, better cashflow and a healthier culture, leaving you worry-free and released for higher value business activities.

HR Management

Basically, we do all the ‘peopley’ stuff, so you can get on with what you do best. 


We look after all your HR administration, keep you on top of the 140+ employment regulations, manage the health, wellbeing and personal development of your team and work with you and your managers to improve business productivity and performance through your people.  

HR Support

Talent Management

Your own virtual Talent Management team; always on, under your brand, attracting and landing the right people to grow your business.  


After sales, hiring is recognised as the biggest challenge for SME’s, especially service based businesses.


The reality is recruitment challenges are usually a business systems problem, so we build and run your very own hiring ecosystem - just like having your own in house Talent Management team, but for a fraction of the cost.


No more terrible agencies, crappy CVs or big fees.  

Talent Support

Fractional and Always On

Most managers of people-centric businesses face the dilemma of "Do I hire HR, Talent Management or a Head of People?”.  The answer of course is you need them all to manage the cyclical demands of growing your business.


But how do you afford it?  It is possible by using a fractional approach.  

​We provide both HR and Talent Management services including strategy and operational support on an always-on fractional basis. It’s like having your own HR, Talent and People team on hand for everything you need, but for a fraction of the cost and with no management overhead. 

​Simple, always on, flexible and affordable.

Fractional pert time

Projects and Interim

There are times when you need extra cover such as long-term absence or maternity, or you might need extra HR resource and expertise for a project such as implementing a new HR platform.


We deliver HR and Hiring expertise on a project basis to give you an injection of support when you need it most. 


Rewards and incentives, employee handbooks, hiring process re-design, employer brand, candidate experience, hiring sprints, HR process due diligence and skills restructuring for mergers and acquisitions are just some of the projects we deliver.


Meet The Team



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Our Philosophy 

The output of a business is the collective investment of the emotion, empathy, passion and creativity of its people.  These human elements, combined with a strong sense of purpose, are the foundation of successful companies.

Today’s recruitment processes and technologies miss critical human elements and erode the trust between employers, recruiters and candidates.  (it’s just not nice for anybody!) 

In a world of hyper competition, where workers seek meaningful collaboration and shared perspectives, the hiring battleground is no longer about speed and efficiency but the need to identify and match individuals to the emotions that drive purpose and mutual reward.

Companies able to shift their behaviour from volume and transactional efficiency approaches to harnessing the collective power of their employees’ passion combined with a shared sense of purpose will stand out and be unstoppable in their mission to succeed and grow. 

Be Different, get Peopley


Our volunteering & support work

Our team follow their hearts when it comes to giving back. Each interaction holds personal meaning for each of us.  This year we've given our time or donated to the following organisations:

Ocean Alliance - RSPB - Parkinsons UK - Friends of Town Quay Community Park -  Solent LEP Skills Advisory Panel - Brendoncare Care Homes - Wikipedia 

We are always happy to consider donations of expertise for non-profits and start-ups.  Please don't hesitate to ask

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