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Is your recruitment technology dehumanising your brand?

MARCH 8, 2018  By Phillip Clement

I’ll bet if you delve into your corporate handbook or search out the company mission statement there will be some reference to “being human”.

Words like respect, heart and courage… that sort of thing. We tend to hear these words at training sessions, or year-end events by managers or CEO’s revving everyone up to have an “awesome” year, but we often forget to apply these words to our every-day actions of running the business, which is generally not too much of a problem until it comes to hiring, because as your applicants research, they read, absorb and revere your values –


if your treatment or responses do not 100% reflect your values, this disconnect completely undermines your brand.

Before you jump to your own defence, let's look at the stats. A recent survey from Workplace trends found that 60% of job seekers have had a poor candidate experience, and that’s not the only report…check out Monster, Workplace Trends, Glassdoor and a bunch of others, they will all tell you the same thing – moreover, The Workplace survey found that 72% of applicants shared their poor experience on Glassdoor, social networks and directly with a colleagues and friends!

One of the biggest issues with the candidate experience is silence!


The act of not responding, ranks highest in the list of poor experiences applicants share.

According to a report from The Talent Board, 85% of applicants don’t hear back after submitting an application either with or without a recruiting partner. Enter technology … most companies struggle with the volume of applications and managing the hiring process efficiently, so they turn to using super cool technology to manage all the CV submissions. AI and bots are playing an increasingly larger part of the recruiting process… the problem is they are being implemented to help the hiring teams and not the applicants.

Sure you are able to crunch through thousands of CV’s and the team are now meeting their KPI’s on processing, but how is that making the experience better for the applicant?

85% of job seekers doubt that a human being has even reviewed their application … queue your values. Take a look, I’ll bet there is nothing in your values that say be a ‘machine’.

Hiring technology is fantastic but only if it is used for the right purpose, you know the saying “a fool with a tool, is still a fool” well if it’s all about saving YOUR time, and crunching more data to make your life better then it will surely not deliver a great experience for the applicants. If you implement hiring technology with your values at its heart then it will deliver a human engagement experience driven by human values like respect, care, and passion! How amazing would that be!


About Peopley
Peopley has recently been shortlisted for Best Candidate Experience & Best Supplier Partnership against stiff competition from some of the UK’s biggest employers in the 2020 FIRM Awards (Forum for In-House Recruitment Managers).

About the Author

Phillip has a commercial sales and product engineering background spanning mobile software, marketing automation, loyalty and customer experience. A self-professed customer experience nut you will often find Phillip redesigning anything with a UI including lifts and parking meters.  As cofounder of Peopley, he runs commercial service design, client operations and technology integration.

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