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It's time to rehumanise interviewing

I’m seriously going against the gold rush in happening in HR Tech and Artificial Intelligence here … and I make no apology for doing so.

Have you ever ended an interview feeling like you didn’t ‘get’ the human being sitting the other side of the table?

Do you find interviewing leaves you feeling unsatisfied? or worse, feeling you or your candidate have simply wasted time? Are you guilty of going through the motions against a job description or a CV?

Spoiler Alert – video interviewing isn’t going to solve your problem either!

Perhaps you are using HR’s ‘tick the box’ barrage of questions, or maybe you prefer the ‘good cop-bad cop’ 80’s style grilling?

It’s no wonder interviewing today has become a test of will for both the hirer and the hiree.

I bet you’ve also been on the receiving end of dehumanised rushed interview too?

I’ve spent 15+ years conducting literally thousands of interviews on both sides of the table. I’ve seen (and heard from interviewees) all the styles, techniques, frustrations and howlers too! And I’m constantly analysing our data – and what it proves is:

As an SME the more human your interview process – the more you can differentiate and get incredible results

Our data also proves that it’s time to get back to a more human way of interviewing – especially with the onslaught of shiny AI driven HR tech being sold at Enterprises – only serving to further alienate prospects.

At Peopley we’re all about helping SMEs uncover the whole person at interview and match what’s “inside the heart” on both sides of the table – for a better culture and ultimately stronger business growth.

Try this approach using the Peopley Interview Jotter™

See how your usual interviewing mode gets better results all-round. Interview as normal then check the information you picked up and see how your usual interviewing mode compares.

You’ll be surprised at the information gaps you leave and how much better both you and your interviewee will feel at the end of a Peopley Interview.


Happy interviewing!

About Peopley
Peopley provide flexible Human Resources and Talent Management support for SMEs delivering people-centric services

Peopley has recently been shortlisted for Best Candidate Experience & Best Supplier Partnership against stiff competition from some of the UK’s biggest employers in the 2020 FIRM Awards (Forum for In-House Recruitment Managers).

About The Author

Debby built the recruitment tools for the world’s largest executive search franchise and has trained over 1,000 recruiters worldwide.  She was one of the first recruiters to recognise and adopt candidate sourcing techniques using social media in an 1100 global office network and has subsequently built the hiring operations for several founder-led technology & engineering businesses.  She is a Chartered member of the CIPD and a Solent LEP Skills Advisory Panel Member. 

Her interests lie at the intersection of technology, people and the environment, she is an advocate for Ocean Alliance and a regular Solent sailor.

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